COVID-19 Resources in 30+ Languages

posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

COVID-19 FAQ on Resource Literacy Project

As a healthcare provider, you are already aware that you need to make provisions for ensuring meaningful access for individuals with limited English proficiency. This federal rule is applicable to Covered Entities and Providers who receive any federal funding through the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) such as Medicaid, Medicare, Children’s Health Insurance Program, and meaningful use payments.

The Harvard COVID-19 Health Literacy Project was created by a medical student at Harvard to help vulnerable communities so patients know when and how to seek care. The project has grown to include resources in 35 different languages, translated by 150 medical students from 35 institutions.

All materials have been carefully reviewed and vetted by faculty members at Harvard Medical School and are created in collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing. If your practice provides services to individuals whose primary language is not English, this is a great free resource available for use. Fact sheets include prevention tips, management tips and age-appropriate (illustrated) pdfs for children ages 3-18.