Physician Connection Publication

Physician Connection Publication

A risk management publication that focuses on emerging risk issues for medical practices in various specialties.

Published quarterly, this valuable resource is designed to provide you with information on current issues and trends impacting physicians and the medical community, as well as sample forms, polices and more.

Newsletter Article Topic Issue Date
Back to Basics: Capturing Documentation September 1, 2020
Deposition Testimony: Why You Must Prepare June 1, 2020
What to Expect When You Are Not Expecting March 1, 2020
Mitigation of Risk During the Opioid Crisis--Part 2 December 1, 2019
The Emergency Care Handoff September 15, 2019
Mitigation of Risk During the Opioid Crisis July 1, 2019
Smooth Operators: Minimizing Employee Risk in Healthcare Practices April 1, 2019
Discrimination in the Medical Profession December 15, 2018
Burned Out-Medical Office Staff Burnout September 1, 2018
Feeling the Burn-Physician Burnout May 1, 2018
Take a Note: The Role of Scribes in Medical Practices February 15, 2018
Deep Dive: The MIPS Four Performance Measures November 1, 2017
EHR Replacement: Know Your Options Before You Switch August 23, 2017
Drugs, Alcohol and Physician Health Programs May 1, 2017
HIPAA & State Laws: Impact on Your Response for Protected Health Information March 1, 2017
Guidelines for Closing a Medical Practice December 27, 2016
Helping Patients and Family Understand Hospice Care October 1, 2016
Preventive Care Strategies for Primary Care July 1, 2016
The Difference between a Deposition and Trial Testimony March 1, 2016
Physicians and Quality Initiatives - Concerns and Solutions December 1, 2015
Considerations with Negative Social Media Posts October 1, 2015
Examining the Impact of the Multigenerational Workforce August 1, 2015
Remaining Current: Helping Your Patient and Yourself June 1, 2015
Take STEPPS to Promote Your Culture of Safety April 1, 2015
The FDA: Resource or Intruder in the Doctor-Patient Relationship? February 1, 2015
Telemedicine - Seeing Isn't Alway Believing November 1, 2014
Managing Risk in Long Term Opiod Prescribing for Persistent Pain September 15, 2014
The Medical Office Emergency: Managing Your Risk Between Office and Emergency Department June 10, 2014
Patient Satisfaction and Your Practice February 15, 2014
Risks with Advertising Your Practice December 11, 2013
Unfit or Impaired Drivers ... To Report or Not Report? October 1, 2013
Effective Communication During Patient Transitions Can Reduce Risk August 1, 2013
EHRs ... The Good, The Bad and The "To Be Determined" June 1, 2013
E-Communications Can Be E-Discovered April 1, 2013
E-mail, Internet, Texting ... Oh My! February 1, 2013
Managing the Chronic Pain Patient December 1, 2012
Accountable Care Organizations - Are the Rewards Worth the Risks? October 1, 2012
Family and Employees as Patients - Be Aware of the Pitfalls August 1, 2012
Language Barriers in the Physician Office June 1, 2012
Infection Control in the Physician Office April 1, 2012
Risks and Strategies with ASCs February 1, 2012
How to Improve the Imaging Experience December 1, 2011
Communication Breakdowns Jeopardize Continuity of Care and Patient Safety September 1, 2011
Why the Patient History Is So Important July 1, 2011
Record Access and Retention Requirements May 1, 2011
How to Handle the Non-Compliant Patient March 1, 2011
Physician Practices & Social Networking January 12, 2011
Bonus Article: Handling Breaches of Protected Health Information January 12, 2011
EHRs and E-Prescribing November 1, 2010
Bonus Article: Your Practice Uses EHRs-But Is It "Meaningful" Use? November 1, 2010
When Finances are Tight ... Tips for Physician Offices June 1, 2010

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