Personalized Risk Assessment

A risk assessment helps identify where improvements can be made to limit or reduce the risk of medical malpractice actions. Request an onsite risk assessment today.

Professional Solutions physician policyholders can request an onsite Personalized Risk Assessment (PRA) by completing the form below.

This assessment helps:

  • Identify potential areas of risk in your practice. 
  • Determine your risk tolerance level.
  • Identify needed risk management activities. 

Premium Discounts

Physicians may qualify for a premium discount* with an overall score of 70% or better. The discount is based on the score achieved during the on-site PRA. Discounts are applied to policy renewal when teh PRA is completed at least 90 days prior to your renewal date.  Discounts are valid for three years.

Assessment Topics 

The goal of the PRA is to provide a heightened awareness of risk areas in your practice and to improve patient safety. The topics covered during the assessment include:

  • Documentation practices
  • Medication management
  • Staffing concerns
  • Scheduling concerns
  • Tracking of labs, diagnostic tests and referrals
  • Patient education
  • Communication practices
  • Informed consent protocols

Getting Started

Following are the steps involved to get started on your assessment and what to expect during the assessment.

  1. Complete the form below
  2. A Professional Solutions risk manager will contact you to schedule an appointment
  3. Assessment conducted in your office, which includes:
  • Answering a series of questions from risk manager (approximately 45 minutes)
  • Reviewing policy and procedure documents (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Reviewing select, random patient medical records for each physician (approximately 30-45 minutes per physician)
  • Exit meeting, which includes verbal report of findings (30 minutes)  
  1. Final assessment is emailed to physician or designated office personnel

Preparing for Your PRA

You'll find additional information on what to expect during your PRA in this document.

Request a Personalized Risk Assessment

* The premium discount is 8-10% and is determined by the assessment score.  Discounts are not guaranteed and subject to underwriting approval.

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