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Program Highlights

The PSIC family of companies has protected the reputations and met the malpractice insurance needs of healthcare professionals since 1946. At PSIC, we understand it takes years to build a reputation, but it can quickly be ruined. That's why we take the time to help you understand your choices.

Working with PSIC

  • Claims-Made Coverage Available - A claims-made policy provides coverage for claims of alleged incidents that both occur and are reported on or after the day coverage begins, but before the policy terminates. (The first day claims-made coverage begins is called the retroactive or "retro" date.) 
  • Consent-to-Settle –  The consent-to-settle clause directs the actions of the carrier in the event of a claim or suit. PSIC's true consent-to-settle clause gives the choice to consent or not consent solely to you - the insured. There are no policy conditions which could penalize you should consent not be granted. 
  • Risk Management & Discounts Participate in PSIC-approved risk management activities and you may qualify for premium discounts.
  • Cyber Liability & Regulatory Action coverage Starting at a $50,000 aggregate limit for 10 areas of coverage, including multimedia, network security and privacy, privacy regulatory defense and penalties, privacy breach/patient notification and credit monitoring expenses, network asset protection, cyber extortion, cyber terrorism, regulatory proceedings (wrongful billing), brand guard and PCI DSS assessment.
  • Extended Reporting Coverage (Tail Coverage) – After one year of coverage and 48 months prior acts with us, your physician clients can receive tail coverage at no additional cost at retirement and for death/disability.

  • Government Proceedings Defense Costs Paid up to $25,000 for state disciplinary proceedings and Quality Improvement Organization Sanction Proceeding.
  • Discounts Available For remaining claims-free and/or participating in risk management programs, working part-time hours and for new graduates.
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