Report a Claim

Report a Claim

At PSIC, we are committed to helping our policyholders resolve an incident or situation that causes concern as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our defense attorneys and claims representatives work to ensure all available resources are used to defend our policyholders.

If you are served with a lawsuit, receive notice of a claim or potential claim, or are concerned that a medical incident could result in a claim, you should report it immediately to the PSIC Physicians Claim Department using the How to Report a Claim Form. This includes, but is not limited to a formal Notice of Intent, being named as a Respondent in Discovery (Illinois), records requests from attorneys or any notice received from an insured’s state licensing board.

Direct Dial: 1-800-640-6504
Toll Free Fax: 1-877-367-9654

Top 4 Things to Do When Faced with a Claim

  1. Place the entire original patient chart, including x-rays, in a secure location. 
  2. Maintain a separate file for correspondence and documents from PSIC and/or your defense counsel as well as legal documents. DO NOT put any of these materials in the patient chart.
  3. Be prepared to commit your time to the defense of the claim. The claim process can be lengthy. Your cooperation and involvement are necessary for the matter to be resolved in the most favorable manner.
  4. Call PSIC's Claims Services Department promptly via the Claims Advice Hotline. This free and confidential service for PSIC policyholders can help guide you through the process.

When you call PSIC, please have the following information available:

  • Date, time and place of the alleged incident
  • The medical records
  • The lawsuit or nature of the claim

* You do not need to report routine records requests received in the normal course of your practice. Our primary interest is records requests where an adverse event, outcome or dissatisfaction with care has occurred, causing concern that legal action could arise against you or your practice.

Counseling Assistance Program

We understand. A lawsuit is extremely stressful. It’s common to have a myriad of feelings and wonder why it is happening to you … especially if the patient is one you went the extra mile for. 

That’s why we offer free professional counseling during a claim to help you through this stressful situation. Find out more about this program. 

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