The following risk management webinars offered through Professional Solutions cover current healthcare-related topics, and are available for you and your staff to view. 

Average Time: 1 hour Webinar descriptions

In addition, Professional Solutions collaborates with MedRisk to provide our policyholders with the online courses listed below. Premium discounts are available. To access these courses, please visit the MedRisk website.

Attending 5 hours of online courses may earn you a 5% premium discount.*

  • Risk Management Consult: Infection Control and Prevention in Dentistry
  • Risk Management Consult: Dentistry in Depth 2nd Edition
  • Risk Aware for Dentists, 2nd Edition
  • Risk Management Consult: Repairing Difficult Dentist-Patient Relationships, 2nd Edition
  • Risk Management Essentials for Dentists, 2nd Edition
  • Foundations of Risk Management: Dentistry 2nd Edition
  • Risk Management Consult: Dentistry Fundamentals, 2nd Edition

* Discounts apply to Medrisk webinars ONLY and are good for 3 years. Some restrictions apply if you are receiving other discounts.

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