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A risk management publication that focuses on emerging risk issues for dental practices. Each issue presents real case studies associated with various specialties.

Published four times per year, this valuable resource is designed to provide you with information on current issues and trends impacting dentists.

Newsletter Article Topic Issue Date
Complications Ensue When an Epileptic Patient Fails to Disclose Medication History Update August 20, 2020
Deposition Testimony: Why You Must Prepare February 1, 2020
When a Patient Attempts to Fix His Own Dentures November 15, 2019
9 Steps to Minimize Employee Risk in a Dental Practice August 20, 2019
Navigating HIPAA: Avoiding the Landmine of Record Requests May 15, 2019
Predicting and Preventing Dental Emergencies March 1, 2019
Adverse Event Reporting ... Who, What and When September 1, 2018
Dentist Faces Collection Problems After Cosmetic Procedure May 1, 2018
Dental Imaging and the Standard of Care March 1, 2018
Experienced Dentist Learns Importance of Following Precautions November 1, 2017
Dental Consideration with a Diabetic Patient August 1, 2017
When a Family Member is a Decision Maker May 2, 2017
Good Relationship Gone Bad February 1, 2017
Implant Restoration: Playing as a Team November 1, 2016
Independent Contractor Specialists and the Dental Practice August 15, 2016
When Records Help ... And When They Hurt a Defense March 1, 2016
Problems Ensue for Dentist Who Puts Form Before Function November 1, 2015
Telephone Triage That Went Awry August 1, 2015
The Critical Importance of Good Recordkeeping June 15, 2015
The Importance of Production Records March 15, 2015
Red Flags with Billing - What Dentists Should Watch For December 1, 2014
Multiple Dentists Encounter Drug-Seeking Patient September 15, 2014
Treating Employees Can Bring on Practice Risk June 1, 2014
Dentist Deals With Defective Instrument March 15, 2014
When Electronic Records Hurt the Defense December 1, 2013
Disability Act Requirements Cause Dentist Concern September 15, 2013
When Multiple Treaters Are Involved, Communication is Key June 15, 2013
An Apology That Went Awry March 1, 2013
Why Dentists Must Stay Ahead of the Billing and Collections Curve December 1, 2012
Rewritten Records Increase Risk September 15, 2012
When Dentists Fill in, Watch Your Risks June 1, 2012
Practice Issues in a Dental Office March 15, 2012
Multiple Treaters Fail to Diagnose Malignant Lesion December 1, 2011
Dentist Deals with Emergency in the Office September 15, 2011
Quality Documentation and Office Practices Serve to Defend the Dental Professional June 1, 2011
Fall off a Dental Chair Complicates Case March 15, 2011
Patient's Unrealistic Cosmetic Expectations Lead to Lawsuit December 1, 2010
Dentist's Reliance on Computer System Results in Risk Management Snafus September 1, 2010
State Licensing Board Actions Matters Requiring a Dentist's Prompt Attention June 15, 2010
Doctor-Shopping Patient Initiates Long Legal Battle March 1, 2010
Cancer in a Dental Practice September 15, 2009
Clerical and Billing Errors Spur Lawsuit June 1, 2009
Caught in a Chain of Events, Several Professionals Face Malpractice Allegations March 15, 2009
Several Factors Impact the Outcome of this Malpractice Case December 1, 2008

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Contributing Advisors – Steven R. Fudge, D.D.S. and Burton Job, D.D.S.

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