Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Building and growing your practice will rely heavily on an effective marketing plan. To create this section of your business plan, you'll need to begin by examining the demand for services on a local level. It requires some serious homework and research.

Lenders and investors will expect you to understand your market, specifically:

  • Size of the local market
  • Definition of the trade area in terms of geography and population
  • Definition of the target market and catchment area
  • Competition
  • Patient identification
    • Who they are
    • Why they buy/what they will pay for
    • How they will pay, i.e., cash, insurance, Medicare

Essentially, this boils down to a demographic study.

Products, Services, Pricing Promotion

This section should also provide a detailed description of your practice. It might include the following:

  • Features and benefits of the products and services to be provided
  • Pricing and payment policy
  • Sales of complementary products and services
  • Marketing and advertising strategy
  • What makes you different. For example:
    • Lowest-priced provider
    • Differentiation of services
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