Stationery, Business Cards and More

Stationery, Business Cards & More

Many new dental providers think their letterhead, envelopes and business cards are just another necessary expense. But, the truth is, your stationery will affect the way your message is received and the image you create of you and your practice.

Once you’ve created your practice name and logo, you can work with a local printer or go online to create your practice stationery.

Other Businesses' Stationery

Review other businesses' stationery to help determine:

  • What basic information should be included on each piece such as practice name, individual name, address, phone, fax, web address and email address.
  • What additional information you may want to include, such as your experience, expertise or credentials, and driving directions or landmarks, if your office is difficult to find.
  • What pieces you will need. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes (What sizes? Do you want window envelopes?), appointment cards, note cards, billing documents, mailing labels or other labels.

Stationery Considerations

Your next steps may include:

  • Design: Will you be using your logo or any other art elements? Will information be placed at the top of the page, bottom or both?
  • Paper stock: A simple white paper stock that presents a professional image is typically preferred. Consider, too, if it can be used in your printer.
  • Font: If you’ve developed a practice logo and sign, you’ll want to use the same font (where appropriate) for your stationery.
  • Colors: With today’s technology, it can be relatively inexpensive to print in color. Discuss options with your printer.
  • Quantity: Typically, it’s not much more expensive to print a larger quantity and may be cheaper than reprinting later.
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