Creating a Logo

Creating a Logo

Your logo is a unique mark that identifies your dental practice and represents your brand. It should be used repeatedly and consistently when possible. Resist the urge to change your logo. It takes repeated exposure for individuals to recognize your logo and connect it to you and your dental practice.

Three Types of Logos

  1. Font-based logos that are primarily a type treatment (like Home Depot, CNN and Sony)
  2. Logos that illustrate what you do (a paintbrush that is incorporated into a painter’s logo)
  3. Abstract graphic symbols (Nike swoosh, Olympic rings)

Take a look at other logos to determine what looks good – and what doesn’t. Consider the font used, the type treatment and color. Then, try to see how the logo appears on various materials, including letterhead, business cards, outdoor signs and the website.

When creating a practice logo, there are several options to choose from, depending on the amount you want to spend.

If you search online, you’ll find options for creating a logo. Some are very simplistic, especially if they are free. A few websites to review include:

Custom Logo

Another option, if you’re looking for something unique, is to consider hiring a designer – whether it’s a freelance designer, marketing/advertising firm or even a college design student. Ask to see samples of other designs and interview the individual to determine if he or she has a good understanding of what you’re looking for in terms of design and budget.

Wherever you have a logo created, ask others to review the samples and provide input.

Once your logo is completed, use it on everything ... stationery, newsletters, brochures, ads, specialty items and signs. Remember, it is your image and will reflect your practice position and the professional image you want to portray. So, the more your prospective patients see it, the better!

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