Practice Brochure & Patient Materials

Practice Brochure & Patient Materials

You may have a printed practice brochure and other information for your patients. You may provide the information on the practice's website or social media channels. You may choose more than one. However you handle this, here are a few things to remember.

Your practice brochure should include basic information, such as:

  • Practice name and logo
  • Your name, biography and credentials
  • Contact information
  • Practice hours

You may also want to add:

  • Welcome message
  • Services offered
  • Office policies
  • Staff and facility information
  • Photographs of your building, staff, etc.
  • Call to action

When writing your brochure, keep in mind what information will attract the attention of your audience. Discuss the benefits of regular dental care and why they should come to your practice. Make your copy inviting and easy to read.

Include a clear call to action, encouraging individuals to contact your office for an appointment or to request more information.

Look for ways you can use your practice brochure over time, such as:

  • Give it to new patients to provide valuable information and encourage their participation in treatment plans.
  • Mail it to prospective patients to increase awareness about the services you offer and what makes your practice unique.
  • Give it to established patients to reinforce ties and as a referral tool they can pass on to friends and relatives.
  • Hand it out at open houses, speeches, office tours and community events. Or, include it with media releases.
  • Send it with correspondence to colleagues, area businesses and personnel officers to encourage referrals.
  • Display it in your office, as well as in other healthcare professionals' offices, health clubs and other places in the community where potential patients might see it.

A local printer can assist in the development of the brochure, including its design. If you have sample brochures you like, share them with the printer as you discuss the specifics of your print materials.

You may decide to work with a freelance writer or designer to create your brochure. Another option would be to check with a college student who may be interested in creating materials to add to his or her portfolio.

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