Choosing a Carrier

Choosing a Carrier

When choosing a dental malpractice insurance plan, it's important to remember that the insurance carrier behind the plan is as important as the benefits and features of the plan.

Consider the following when comparing various companies:


Look at how long the company has been in business. Next, find out how many of those years it has offered malpractice insurance.

Financial Stability

It's critical that the insurance company you choose has the resources to provide you with expert legal counsel throughout litigation. A good way to check on this is to assess a company's financial position, including its A.M. Best rating for financial stability.

Ask to see a copy of its annual report or annual summary and check on complaints or problems through your state insurance department.

Personal Service in One Location

Ask each insurance company you're considering where you would call with questions about billing, policy features or a claim. It would be more convenient if you only have to call one place for all questions. Also, find out who answers your questions. Is it a team who specializes in dental?

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